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Paket Lengkap Sistem Parkir

Paket Lengkap Sistem Parkir
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Selasa, 15 Juli 2014


Barrier GateItaly

Control unit at top of barrier: The control unit is positioned at the top of the barrier in a solid
aluminium protective casing and enables you to effortlessly connect up or programme the barrier
as well as carry out maintenance.
Electronic limit switches: The microprocessor technology used in the LIBRA CG/CGS control
units means the limit switches can be adjusted by pressing just 2 buttons. Positional accuracy
and reliability is assured along with quick and safe installation. No adjustments need to be made
in areas where there are moving parts.
Encoder technology: The high performance of the control unit in terms of speed, control,
position control and obstacle detection is boosted by the addition of an encoder. This device is an
additional guarantee of optimum barrier motion control. Smooth and accurate movements are
what you can expect from the GIOTTO barriers and your safety is absolutely assured: the boom
gear motor will automatically stop and reverse if it detects an obstruction