Distributor Alat kebutuhan parkir barrier gate,software parkir dan pintu Otomatis di Bandung Sejak 2012

Produk terlaris

Produk terlaris

Autometik door dan gates

TR 252 DC & TR 252 DC-M

Safety Features
The door will automaticcally reverse during the closing cycle when meeting resistance from a person or an object. In case of power failure, the door can be easily opened and closed by hand.

High Efficiency Micro-computer Control Set

The micro-computer will run command accurately with free control on speed adjustment.

Easy Installation and Adjustment
The automatic door system can be easily installed and adjusted. all major components are attached in the aluminium mounting base which can be supplied at any length. the door opening width can be easily adjusted through the adjustment screws.

Smooth Operation
The best performance which is developed on the latest technology provides speedy and smooth operation.



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